This is the domain of the one and only Lindsey McCuistion, an undergrad student at the University of Mary Washington. I’m working on my American Studies major, focusing on Race/Ethnicity and American Culture, and my Digital Studies minor. I also work as a Writing Center Consultant for the university. I focus primarily on research-based papers and projects, minor art projects (including GIFs), and developing a better understanding of digital applications to history and culture. I’ll be a Peer Mentor during the Fall 2017 semester for the Beyond the Selfie FSEM. My blog for that is listed in the menu bar!

The “Course Websites” tab holds a list of all the subdomains I have created for my various class projects, from history to digital studies to art.

Other tabs may appear as I create new personal projects and thesis work, so keep an eye out for more content!

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Cover photo taken and edited by yours truly, April 2017.